NEW year, NEW goals, NEW lashes and LIMITLESS possibilities! Are you ready? Premium, luxurious and innovative with a fun criss-cross design – these falsies are going to be your new faves! I AM READY, 11 Magnet Lashes are the latest edition to our lash offerings by Everra. You will feel empowered with these natural, lightweight, non-irritating, 12mm, 11 Magnet Lashes that are so easy to apply – even for beginners. With all-day comfort, these beauties can be worn up to 30 times! Try a pair today. Unlock your potential with Everra, explore the opportunities…

Includes: Lashes and 1 Magnetic Eyeliner

Key Benefits:

  • 12mm Length
  • Wind proof
  • Sweat proof
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Paraben Free
  • EU Standard

How to use: Attaching Everra’s Magnetic Lashes to Magnetic Eyeliner:

  1. Begin by applying Everra’s Magnetic Eyeliner as you would normally apply eyeliner.
  2. Apply a second coat.
  3. Wait until the Everra Magnetic Eyeliner dries (one or two minutes).
  4. From the inner corner of the eyelid, gently place the Everra Magnetic Lashes to the eyelid. The Everra Magnetic Lash will be attracted to the Everra Magnetic Liner. Align and place the remainder of the lash on the liner.
  5. Lightly press the Everra Magnetic Last to set in place.
  6. If the Lash does not connect well, add an additional coat of Everra Magnetic Eyeliner and allow to dry.