Flawless Airbrush Brow Stencil


Create, define and shape your brows to perfection with Everra’s Eyebrow Stencils.


This pack of 6 Everra Eyebrow Stencils includes; pre-cut, different arch shapes, and heights that allow you to achieve the most flattering brow shape for your face and individual preference. As with our other Everra Airbrush products, your makeup will feel lightweight, last all day, and look absolutely impeccable!

Key Benefits:

  • 6 shapes to choose from
  • Lasts all-day
  • Looks natural

Simply hold the selected Everra Eyebrow Stencil onto the brow bone. Hold a few inches away from your face and spray over the Everra Eyebrow Stencil shape. Next, remove the stencil. Be sure to wipe the Everra Eyebrow Stencil clean before you do the other side, so as not to get any residual makeup on your skin.

Practice on your hand to get a feel for the application. Less is more, a little goes a long way! Always allow time to dry in between passes. Stop and look between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage · 1-2 passes for sheer coverage · 2-3 passes for medium coverage · 3-4 passes for full coverage

Store out of reach of young children.