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    Customize your ultimate holiday lip looks for the season. Wear Everra's Full Color Lip Gloss on its own or on top of your lipstick (blot with tissue to create a long-lasting lip finish). Get creative! Try a different color on the top lip to the bottom for a bold new look!
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  • Say hello to the perfect Magnetic Liner Remover and goodbye to the days of harsh rubbing.
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  • Bat those eyes beauty, there’s so much to smile about! These 11MM I AM Grateful Lashes are easy to apply in seconds.
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  • $2 Donation from each purchase will go to support Breast Cancer research. Cancer picked the wrong girl You have faith over fear, you are stronger than cancer! Bat those eyes beauty! You’re brave and admired! Your fight is our fight!
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  • Introducing… the all-new, I AM FEARLESS LUX Lashes. Unleash your inner power. You are brave and beautiful, so bat those eyes!
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  • Introducing… the all-new, first ever Everra “I AM Strong” 11 Cat Eye Magnet LUX Lashes. Dramatic and luscious like never before. Make a statement. “I AM STRONG”.
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  • Classy, sassy and a lil bad assy...these lashes were made for you! You know you’re a trend setter, get your I AM POSH lashes today!
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  • You are beautiful every day, inside and out! Now, go strut your stuff... Get your I AM BEAUTIFUL lashes today!
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  • There’s no holding you back, the future is bright and you're UNSTOPPABLE! Let them look gorgeous, you’re going places!
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  • Embrace your inner strength, you are more powerful than you know. At Everra, we are cheerleaders, encouragers and believers of people. We know you are powerful, it’s time you showed the world!
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  • Unbox the happiness every month with Everra’s Lashes of the Month Club. YAASSS Girl, you know you love a good subscription!
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  • Say goodbye to messy glue and hello to our dramatic black magnetic eyeliner. You’re so extra, you love your lashes and you’ll love this larger size of magnetic eyeliner. Get yours today and get your glam on!
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  • Introducing the all-new Everra Lashes Applicator For Precise Placement. This little love will help you precisely position Everra's Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner with ease and no hassle.
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