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IPKN 1999

IPKN was originally defined as “Independent Professional Korean New Yorker”.
It launched in 1999 as the first NYC-inspired South Korean beauty brand, bringing a universal beauty sense to Korea and helping to shape what we now call K-Beauty.

IPKN Since 2016

In 2016, IPKN was renewed especially for the US, its products and formulas designed to suit the working city woman.
New York, LA, Seoul… wherever you go or stay, IPKN is your city-proof essential beauty.

Why Everra Collaborates with IPKN

IPKN products were designed with the Everra community in mind, to suit the working city woman. We love that IPKN provides city-proof essential beauty. Work hard, play hard…the Everra and IPKN way.

Products Everra is Confident About