The Freedom Story

A few years ago, three of Ira Green’s friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. The ongoing theme from all their doctors was the importance of using natural products on the body, and especially to stay away from antiperspirant.

An unsettling fact that she hadn’t realized until that time, was that the antiperspirant most people use daily is actually classified as a drug per the FDA. She was eager to switch to natural products for myself.

So, she purchased her first natural deodorant, which did NOT go so well. She purchased her second, third, then fourth and so on. When none of them worked for her, she decided to create one that did!

“Am I a chemist? Nope – just a single mother of three lovely girls. I wanted to create a natural alternative to the typical not-so-good-for-you products that line the shelves of every store. For me, deodorant was just the first step.”

Their products are all human-tested to ensure effectiveness, and are completely safe enough to eat! (Although they work much better than they taste…)

This is where she found her Freedom. The natural deodorant that really works!

Be Healthy, Not Stinky!

Not only do we leave your underarms smelling fresh all day long but we leave you with health benefits for the long run. 

Putting on deodorant is part of our daily hygiene routines (at least we hope so…unless you were just blessed). That’s one more product that you’re letting absorbed into your skin. However, many store-bought brands contain chemicals that can cause future health risk and chemicals that shouldn’t be put on your skin. 

One of the many benefits of FREEDOM natural deodorant is that we care about your skin and only use ingredients that can even help your health.

Our ingredients make it less possible to cause you skin issues. We don’t use pore-blocking ingredients (such as aluminum) so the good bacteria works better. We don’t go against your body’s natural hormones.

Natural is the new normal. It’s clean, it’s healthier and it’s a no sweat decision (no pun intended). Do a little spring cleanse and make sure all the products on your shelves are natural.

Why Everra Chose Freedom

Freedom began after Ira Green’s 3 friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. They are giving back to organizations that are working hard towards helping individuals and families battling cancer.

Throughout the year, FREEDOM supports the following Cancer charities/organizations:

The Tyler Robinson Foundation with Imagine Dragons mission is strengthen families financially and emotionally as they cope with the tragedy of a pediatric cancer diagnosis.

The American Cancer Society’s mission is to free the world from cancer.

Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation provides over 25 social, financial, educational, and psychological support services and programs to families of children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses in Southern Nevada.

The Caring Place serves as a complement to medical treatment by providing a health, wellness, and healing arts center for adults touched by cancer. The services, over 30, include Reiki, reflexology, yoga, stress management, massage, wellness seminars, nutrition classes, support groups and various other services for adults diagnosed with cancer.

Everra chose to collaborate with Freedom because the health of our community is something we strive for on a daily basis. Not only are we able to collaborate with a company that offers a phenomenal product, but also has a mission to help those who are battling breast cancer and supporting those working towards a cure.

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