Since a spoon isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, the Crease Piece was created. A tool with multiple crease shapes, so that regardless of your eye shape, desired style or skill level, Crease Piece will have you covered—literally!

The Crease Piece Story

Brittney Foley is the founder and CEO of Beautifoles, LLC., and creator of the Crease Piece™, a groundbreaking cosmetic tool to help all makeup enthusiasts create the perfect cut crease. 

Brittney grew up a dancer, which sparked her love for makeup and allowed her to transform into whomever she wanted to be during performances. She attended the University of Miami where she continued to dance while receiving her bachelor’s degree in public relations and sports administration.  

After spending a few years in corporate America, Brittney quit her day job, invented Crease Piece and moved to Los Angeles to follow her dreams and advance her career in the beauty industry.

With more than five years of experience as a makeup artist and content creator, Brittney filled a void in the beauty industry when her “spoon cut crease” hack video went viral with nearly 1.7 million views, sparking the interest of thousands of cosmetic followers and influencers.

Why Everra Wants a Piece of the Crease

Brittney is a girl after Everra’s own heart – an influencer. Everra is determined to help each of our influencers become the best influencers they can be. Influencers helping influencers – what could be better? By creating tools that were needed in the beauty industry, Brittney has given the Everra family opportunities to expand their reach, develop their skills and help those around them do the same.

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